Police in Summerville responded to Heatherwoods subdivision regrading an incident of vandalism on May, 21. Police said the victim walked out of her home around 6:30 a.m. and discovered that someone had spray painted a word across her entire garage door overnight. The word used in the incident report is a vulgar term used to describe a woman’s promiscuity; it was in red paint and included a smiley face. Police said they asked around the neighborhood to determine if anyone had seen anything. A neighbor across the street said they noticed the damage when they looked out of their front window in the morning but didn’t hear or see anything suspicious. Police said as they left to patrol subdivision for additional vandalism a neighbor was trying to help the complainant remove the paint but they were having a lot of difficulty. Police said about $500 in damage was done to the home.

Assault at restaurant

Summerville officers were called to a Dorchester Road McDonalds on May 22, for an assault. Police said a subject was sleeping at a table during business hours. The incident report said an employee tapped on the table and told the person he could not sleep on the table. Police said suspect then exited the restaurant but returned. Police said the suspect walked behind the cashiers table and told the employee “I told you not to put your hands on me.” The report states the man then punched the employee in the face. The altercation spilled into the back of the kitchen before it was broken up and the suspect left the scene. Police watched surveillance and were given the suspect’s description to help in making an arrest. The report states later that same day officers were called to a robbery on Dorchester Road and while investigating the area they noticed a man wearing the same clothing as the suspect in the assault incident. Police said they were able to make a positive I.D. and made an arrest.

Robbery call, assault arrest

A Summerville officer was called to a store on Dorchester Road for an armed robbery. The suspect got away with money from the business. The incident report said the officer was given a description of the suspect who was carrying firearm. The report said when the officer arrived they saw serval Dorchester County deputies already on scene with guns drawn and pointed at a subject. The officer said they then drew their gun to provide cover as well. After seeing that deputies had enough lethal cover they then holstered their weapon and retrieved a taser.

The incident report said deputies told the officer the suspect, who was very irate, was identified by several witnesses as the robber. The officer said, he knew who the suspect was and he was able to talk to the suspect and calm him down and get him in handcuffs. Police said a witness from the business then came and identified the subject as the person who robbed the store. The report said once detained other units went to view the store video and determined the man was, in fact, not the suspect. He was wearing a similar hat, shirt and backpack but he was not the suspect from the robbery. The report gives the suspect’s name as being the same name as the suspect wanted in an assault at a Dorchester Road McDonalds. A warrant was drawn up for an assault arrest for that suspect.


Officers in Summerville responded to a Ladson Road Dollar General on May 19, for a shoplifting. Police said the manager told them two men walked into the store and pulled out trash bags from under their clothing and started filling the bags with various items. Police said when the manager approached them they took off with the trash bags and towards the back of the parking lot. The report states the suspects took $500 worth of merchandise. Police said none of merchandise was recovered. No arrests were made at the time of the report.