On June 2 officers from Summerville were contacted regarding a past assault at the Kickin’ Chicken. Police said the victim told them he was eating with friends when his ex-girlfriend came into the business and began arguing with him about him cheating on her. The manager told police the two argued for a few minutes and then the ex-girlfriend hit the victim in the mouth with an open hand. He then threw a glass of water on her in retaliation which splashed onto other customers. The manager kicked both of them out. The victim told police he didn’t want to press charges but wanted the incident documented.

Deceased dog

Police in Summerville responded to Blake Drive on June, 3 regarding a deceased dog. Police said a couple was moving out of a home after being evicted and as they were moving they smelled something in the backyard and they discovered the landlord’s missing dog under a tarp covering the in-ground pool. The couple told officers they called police because they had trouble with the landlord in the past and they didn’t want to be blamed for the animal’s death. Police said the tarp had several holes in it and the water was low enough that the dog couldn’t get back out if it had fallen in the pool. The owner of the dog was notified.

Suspicious person

Police in Summerville responded to an unknown person wandering a city building on June 3. Police said when they came in contact with the person and asked him if he had business at the building. The incident report states the man told police that he wanted to let someone know he buried his feces and he wanted to let someone know so he didn’t get into trouble. Police asked if he had any other business at the building and he said he did not. Police said the individual then left the property and was not under any duress or presented any danger to himself of the public.

Attempted theft

Police in Summerville said they were patrolling an area on Old Trolley Road near the Goodwill on June, 3. Police said they noticed a man hunched over a pile of items left at the drop off site at the business. Police said when he saw the officer he took off running carrying a white trash bag from the drop off site. The incident report states the man then tried to get onto a bicycle and police stopped him as he was trying to peddle around the cruiser. Police said they asked him what he was doing and he replied, “He was just getting shoes for his old lady.” Police said items in the bag include a dress, sports bra, shoes and bottles of hair dye. All of the items were returned to the Goodwill. The man was arrested for larceny.