Public intoxication

On May 28, police in Summerville responded to a man lying on the side of the road at West 4th North Street. Police were told by dispatch that it appeared the man was breathing and he was moving he hand slightly. Police said when they approached the man he was lying in some tall grass snoring. Police said then they tried to wake him up using verbal commands he did not respond. Police said they used a sternum rub to wake the man up and he responded. Police said the man was groggy and smelled of alcohol and said his speech was very slurred. The incident report states the EMS was called to check on the subject. Police said they then handcuffed the man and took him to the Dorchester County Detention Center. He is charges with public intoxication.


Police were called the to the Mc Donald’s on Dorchester Road on May 26, regarding an unruly customer. Police said a customer was being verbally abusive to staff. Police when they arrived they pulled the customer aside to ask what had happened. The incident report states the man told police the staff at the counter was rude when he asked for more chicken nuggets. He said she threw the nuggets in a way that they fell out of the box onto the counter. He said the clerk then put the nugget back into the box. Police said he then asked for different nuggets because those has touched the counter. Police said the employee refused and wanted to place the subject on trespass notice. When police tried to get the man sign the trespass notice he refused.

Car theft

Police in Summerville were called about a stolen vehicle on May 26. The complainant said he came home at 10 p.m. and his Jeep was in the parking lot but when he got up the next morning it was gone. The complainant said there is only one key for the vehicle and it’s in his possession. Police said there were no signs of forces entry into the parking lot. Police were told the vehicle’s value is $4,500 and was entered into NCIC’s database as stolen.

Domestic dispute

Police in Summerville were dispatched to Boone Hill Road on May 29, for a domestic dispute after being called by a passer-by. Police said the complainant was driving past when she saw the suspect standing over the victim with a guitar over his head and yelling at the victim. Police said the victim’s mouth was bloody and she yelled to the complainant to call 911. Police said the suspect told them the victim was his car ripping up his bible and trying to take his guitar. The victim told police the suspect came home and spit in her face and when she tried to leave he pulled her out of the car and punched her. Police said the suspect then pulled her out of the car and dragged her across the parking lot. The suspect was arrested and placed in handcuffs and was taken to the Dorchester County Detention Center.