Vandalism, water damage

Police in Summerville were dispatched to Kilarney Road on May 15 regarding vandalism to a home. Police said the house is still under construction. The complainant told police at some point while crews were not on the property someone entered the home and caused $25,000 in damage. The incident report states the suspect entered through an unsecured sliding glass door and then purposely stopped the drain in the kitchen sink and then turned the water on and left the home. The report says the water was running overnight. Police said the water inundated the residence and the recently installed hardwood floors had extensive damage. Police were told the value to replace the flooring would cost $20,000 with an additional $5,000 for damages to carpets and wood cabinets. Police searched the area for fingerprints and any additional evidence. No arrests were made at the time.

Drug arrest

Police in Summerville said on May 16 an officer pulled into a gas station on Boone Hill Road to speak to a suspicious subject parked at the gas pumps in a spray painted Hyundai sedan. The incident report states police went to the window of the car and began questioning the driver. Police said the subject told them he was at the spot for an extended period because he was putting his inside door panel back together. Police said they observed a clear plastic jug sitting on the floorboard with a colored liquid inside. Police say they asked the subject what the liquid was and the suspect advised “it was clean urine.” The incident report states the subject told police he smokes marijuana and he had drug tests at his job. Police said the subject started acting nervous and he then said there was a marijuana pipe in the car with residue in inside. Police said the subject then gave consent to be searched. Police said while his front right pocket was being searched, the subject told them there was methamphetamines in his front left pocket. Police arrested the driver and the vehicle was towed.

Suspicious activity

Police were called to Forest Circle on May 15 regarding an incident that involved two people smoking drugs inside a car. Police said when they arrived there were multiple people near the vehicle. Police said when they approached they observed a male driver, a female passenger and two children in the back, as well as, what police believed to be, the smell of burnt marijuana. Police said the juveniles were in the custody of the female passenger. The incident report states police asked the driver and passenger if they have been smoking marijuana in the vehicle. Police said they both told them they were not but they do sometimes smoke in the car. Police said a family friend took the children while officers searched the two subjects. Police said the driver eventually told them that as officers were approaching he slid a small amount of marijuana behind the driver side seat. Police said they then searched the seat and discovered the marijuana. The driver was given a citation and given a court date.

Drug throw

On May 14 a Deputy with the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office was on Interstate 26 traveling west when a distinct odor of marijuana was detected. The BCSO said the smell was overwhelming and it was coming from the vehicle in front of the deputy’s patrol vehicle. The BCSO said the deputy followed the vehicle for a few miles and a traffic stop was conducted. When the vehicle came to a stop the deputy said the driver tossed something out of the window. The BCSO said the suspect was detained and the deputy searched the vehicle. The deputy found two glass jars that contained a green plant-like material with a combined weight of approximately 70 grams. The substance field tested positive for marijuana. The BCSO said 136 green prescription pills and THC oil vials were found as well. The deputy also found a handgun in the side door panel of the suspect’s vehicle. He was arrested and taken to the Berkeley County Detention Center.