Crime Blotter


The Summerville Police Department responded to a grocery store on North Main Street in Summerville after receiving a call about possible fraud. The manager at the store told officers that on three separate times two men passed through the checkout aisle and passed counterfeit money. Police said all three times a fake $100 dollar bill was used. Police said that the first man is seen on video passing a fake bill and receiving change before leaving the register. Police said about two minutes later a different man came though the same aisle and passed another bill. The clerk gave him his return change and he left the store. Police said not long after that, the first suspect returned with another counterfeit $100 bill and made a purchase and received change back; again he then left the scene as well. There were no arrests at the time of this report.


Summerville police responded to the Dollar Tree because of a theft. The complainant told police she was looking at a display of Nutcracker Christmas soldiers, she said that she may have placed her wallet on the display shelf and forgotten it. Police said they walked through the store with the complainant but nothing was found. The manager told police that, at that time, the store’s video cameras were not working. She said the wallet is valued at $50. Police said there were credit cards, blank checks and a driver’s license in the wallet.


Police in Summverville responded to the Roper Saint Francis Urgent Care facility on Ladson Road for a vandalism call. Police said they were told by staff the bathrooms and a portion of the main hallway inside were vandalized with death threats on the walls. Police said staff told them the bathrooms are accessible by both patients and staff and were in good condition earlier in the evening. Police said that there was writing on the walls, mirror and sink, and there was urine on the floor. The incident report states that the words, “I hate you,” and “I will kill you,” were among some of things put on the walls. Also there was a smiley face with “X’s” for its eyes. Police were told that a person there with their mother was the last one seen going to the bathroom. The incident report states that because of medical privacy laws, staff could not give officers much information or the patients’ names. Police estimated the cost of damages at $1,000.


Police in Summverville assisted the Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office after two children were seen walking along the side of Ladson Road near the entrance of the an apartment complex. When law enforcement arrived they discovered the children, ages 4 and 2 were not injured and in good spirits. The incident report stated law enforcement found the mother at the apartment complex; she told officers she works nights and when she came home in the morning she had fallen asleep. Police said she was awakened by someone knocking to tell her, her children were walking around outside. The mother told police she thought she had latched the door and said she had never let her children out unattended. Police were then escorted through the home to make sure the children are properly taken care of. Officers said they found some clutter but there was food, clothing and proper necessities. Police said they document the incident of possible further investigation.