Police: Man takes photos in store dressing room

The female victim said the interaction happened so quickly she didn’t get a good description of the male suspect taking pictures of her while she was changing in a department store dressing room.

Police in Summerville said on Sept. 2, the female was changing in the women’s fitting room inside the Kohl’s store at 480 Azalea Square. The victim told investigating officers that is when she saw an arm holding out a cell phone taking pictures.

The incident report stated as soon as the female looked at the camera, the suspect ran away. The victim said the suspect was a male, he was not wearing a watch and no scars or tattoos were visible.

Police said she could not describe the man’s clothing, only that he was a white male wearing tan or brown flip-flops.

Police said during a follow-up investigation it was determined the cameras in that area of the store were not working at the time of the incident. Police said they also checked with surrounding businesses, which had no exterior cameras to capture video.

Regarding the continuing investigation, the police department said that “unfortunately, we have no suspects right now.”