Anonymous donors aid first year teachers at local store

Education Station has given 10 $25 gift certificates to first year teachers from anonymous donors.

The first year of any job can often be difficult, and shoppers at the Education Station in Summerville are helping first year teachers by gifting them with gift certificates for supplies.

It all began when a retired teacher purchased a $25 gift certificate and told the store to give the certificate to a first year teacher who needed to buy supplies.

Mary Davies, founder of the Education Station, said she then posted the act of kindness on the shop’s Facebook page. Since that post several members of the community have been buying gift cards to donate to teachers.

“It has gone like wildfire,” said Davies. “Its been a contagious positive thing.”

Since then there have been ten teachers to receive gift certificates to help purchase classroom materials. The donations have been from local people and from as far away as Tampa, Florida.

Davies explained that this has shown the positive impact that social media can have and how kind people can be as well.

Davies said that the show of support from the community shows how they support teachers and education. Also, the outpouring of support shows the struggles first year teachers go through in preparing for the year.

“I think the awareness of the struggles of teachers has been highlighted lately,” said Davies.

She explained that these acts of kindness are special because all of the donors have elected to remain anonymous and instead want the teachers and education to be the focus.

“It puts teachers in the forefront,” said Davies.

Davies, who has been involved in education since 1969, said that the first year for teachers is exciting, but also it can be difficult because the new teachers have a desire to make their classroom look nice and have the appropriate supplies.

Davies said that she can see the joy on the faces of the new teachers who receive the gift certificates. She said that the anxiety of starting a new career can often be overwhelming and the simple act of kindness means a lot to the teachers.

“These teachers will never forget this experience,” said Davies.