Jackson Radcliffe

Jackson Radcliffe being recognized at the Dorchester County District 2 school board meeting.

Jackson Radcliffe is no stranger to receiving awards and commendations. The Ashley Ridge senior has been class president from the 9th grade to the 11th grade and student body president in his senior year. He was voted Senior of the year at Ashley Ridge High School as well.

Along with being recognized by his school, Radcliffe was also a Palmetto Boys State participant, and was voted a top 10 student in the world by the organization HOSA, Health Occupation Students of America.

And now Radcliffe was one of twenty students in the country to be selected to receive United States Presidential Scholar in Career and Technical Education for his work in Ashley Ridge’s Bio-Medical program. He will travel to Washington, DC in June and meet the other scholars and receive the Presidential Medallion.

However, if a person asks Radcliffe if he is an overachiever the answer may be shocking.

“I would say I’m not. I try not to be, but I try to do my best,” said Radcliffe.

Radcliffe said that he is excited about the idea of going up to Washington, DC.

“It’s a great honor to go up to Washington, DC and meet all of these new people,” said Radcliffe.

This effort is not just his own however, he credits his family for pushing him to be the best that he can in all aspects of life.

He also credits his Bio-Medical teacher Stacie Elwood for his success as well.

“She made me who I am,” said Radcliffe.

Being in the health profession has always been a dream of Radcliffe’s and when he got to Ashley Ridge his freshman year he got involved in the Bio-Medical program as well as HOSA.

“I always wanted to be in the health profession, so I got into bio-med my freshman year. Then I got involved with HOSA and then I decided to finish out my high school career in those classes,” explained Radcliffe.

Radcliffe has a simple plan for going to Washington in June. He hopes to go to the White House and is excited to stay in the dorms at Georgetown University.

It does not stop there however, also in June, Radcliffe has a HOSA competition.

Radcliffe plans to stay on the path to a career in health in college as well. Radcliffe will be attending Clemson University and majoring in Packaging Science and minoring in pre-Pharmacy.