Coffee is served.

At least it is every Friday at Windsor Hill Arts Infused Elementary School by the “Perfect Blend” coffee cart.

Every Friday morning the “Perfect Blend” coffee cart rolls through the hallways delivering coffee across the school.

The cart is operated by the Windsor Hill special needs students. The students take orders from teachers, prepare supplies, make the coffee, receipt purchases and deliver the coffee to the teachers. Every other week the cart also offers breakfast options as well.

The cart was created by teachers Bettie Anderson and Sheena Olsen. The cart sells coffee for a dollar and breakfast for three dollars. The coffee supplies are provided by the Donor’s Choose grant and also the student’s parents. The students also created menus and punch cards for frequent customers.

The cart raises money for Respite Night, a program that offers babysitting for the parents of special needs children for one night a month. The program was started by Nicole Jewell, another teacher at Windsor Hill. She said that the program gives parents a chance to take a break and gives the children a chance to play with others. Also the Respite has activities for the children to help them develop and learn.

Olsen and Anderson said the cart has helps the students learn concepts like supply and demand, problem solving and math.

“Everything we are teaching we are bringing into this coffee cart,” Olsen said.

Anderson and Olsen said the students are also learning important social skills like eye contact and speaking to others.

The school has embraced the coffee cart and is always willing to help out.

“Even people who do not drink coffee are buying coffee,” Olsen said.

Jewell said that the program makes her proud of the school and the students for their willingness to help others. She said that the impact of the coffee cart goes far beyond what they can comprehend.

“They don’t even know how many people they are helping,” Jewell said.