Dorchester District Two school board members, alongside the economic development board and the safety task force, toured the new Career and Technology center on Friday.

The Career and Technology will house the Advanced Manufacturing Program, Engineering, Mechatronics, Biomedical Sciences, Advanced Placement Physics. There will also be Arts, Audio-Visual Technology and Communication.

The building will be open on Monday, the first day of school, and daily the facility will witness about 1,200 to 1,500 students, according to school officials.

According to Superintendent Joe Pye, these types of education courses are vital, as he stressed that the district has a desire to prepare students for the workforce.

“Students who aren’t going to college or cannot afford to go to college—we want them to be ready,” he said.

Pye also revealed that the new Career and Technology center has been something the district has needed for a long time and its completion is going to make many people happy.

“They are demanding this, and we will give them what they want,” he said.

The building is located at 102 Greenwave Blvd.