Dorchester Council considers amending passed budget to give DD2 more funds

A DD2 teacher was recognized as a nominee for a national award at the Dorchester District 2 school board meeting on August 26th.

Victoria Merritt, of Ashley Ridge High School, is the 2019 DD2 Teacher of the Year, was nominated for the 2019-2020 National Life Changer of the Year award. The award is presented annually by the National Life Group.

The award is given to K-12 educators and school employees throughout the country. The award is given to educators and employees who are making a significant difference in students by being a positive influence, exemplifying excellence and leadership in their schools.

Merritt teaches Honors Economics, Advanced Placement Microeconomics and is coordinator for the Teacher Cadet program at the school.

Members of the National Life Group will be visiting the nominees’ schools and observing them in their classrooms as well as interviewing them and their colleagues. Seventeen educators will be chosen by the group and then they will receive a check as part of their award.