2019 Teacher of the Year Luncheon

2019 Teacher of the Year Luncheon. Find more photos at journalscene.com.

The Dorchester County School District held its annual Teacher of the Year luncheon at Summerville Presbyterian Church.

Each year the luncheon, which is put on by the Greater Summerville/Dorchester County Chamber of Commerce, has a specific theme. The theme of this year’s luncheon was “Our Teachers are at the Heart of it All.”

The luncheon honors teachers from Dorchester County District 2, District 4, Pinewood Preparatory, Summerville Catholic School, and Dorchester County Career and Technology Center.

The lunch was highlighted by a speech by the current South Carolina Teacher of the Year, Jeff Maxey. Maxey, a special education teacher from Anderson County district 3, said that teachers are at the heart of education.

Maxey, who began his education career working for non-profits in Africa, said that teachers work tirelessly to help their students. He spoke of often times having to drive to differnt locations around the Sahara desert to teach children who lived in nomadic tribes.

“Teachers do what it takes to make students successful,” said Maxey.

Maxey spoke about his experience working in special education and the effort it takes to build up students and show them their strengths and not defining them by their deficits.

Maxey urged teachers to see the importance of their job and role in society. He said that being a teacher is not a job but a calling in life. Maxey said that teachers are at the forefront of carrying out the vision society has for itself.

“We change the world one student at a time,” said Maxey.

He closed his speech describing how teachers do more than what is on the surface. Saying that all of the little things that are done in the classroom each day make a lasting impact on how students view themselves and the world.

“Above all things you make a difference,” said Maxey.