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The Nexton community and its developer Newland announced their support of a new education initiative at Nexton Elementary School.

Nexton and Newland joined along with Seamon Whiteside and Associates and J.H. Heirs Construction to contribute to Project Lead The Way, technology education curriculum.

Project Lead The Way integrates students from kindergarten to fifth grade in hands-on technology based learning and activities. The program blends computer science, engineering and biomedical science.

The Nexton community has supported several other technology initiatives for Nexton Elementary School, Nexton along with community partners helped to make Nexton Elementary the first 100 percent Personalized Digital Learning School.

“Our school’s technology and curriculum would not be where it is today without the continuous support of the Nexton community,” said Nexton Elementary Principal Tina Hoots in a press release. “Our school has grown tremendously in the last four years and our students have greatly benefited from the generous support of our business partners.”

The Nexton community said they are thankful for their business partners and their constant support of the students in the community and keeping their school at the forefront of education.

“Our community’s business partners want to ensure Nexton Elementary continues to lead the way in incorporating the latest techniques to achieve educational success,” said Nexton Vice President and General Manager Brent Gibadlo said in a press release. “We believe Project Lead the Way provides them with the resources necessary to do so.”