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Oakbrook Middle School conducted its first ever “Girl-Powered” event on Oct. 26 designed to introduce STEM-related skills and opportunities.

The event was organized by Amy Baldwin and open to girls from fourth to eighth grades.

The event was one of only one hundred “Girl-Powered” events held internationally.

Sixty-three girls attended the event where they participated in hands-on activities that taught them different STEM concepts. The attendees also met with STEM leaders from the community.

There were over 25 volunteers who assisted in the program as well.

Baldwin said that this was one of the greatest events that she ever planned.

“This was the most amazing event I’ve ever been apart of,” Baldwin said.

Superintendent Joseph Pye praised the event and said that it is good for the district to show young women the opportunities that are in STEM careers. He said that the program is fantastic and all students should try to take part in this program.

“How could a child not want to be part of this program,” Pye said.