Dorchester Council considers amending passed budget to give DD2 more funds

On Oct. 1 the South Carolina State Department of Education released its report card for every school in the state.

Eight of the 24 schools in Dorchester District 2 received an excellent rating. All three of the high schools in the district received a rating of excellent.

The rest of the school received either an average or above average rating. None of the schools were rated as unsatisfactory.

The graduation rate of Dorchester District 2 had a graduation rate of 90.3 percent which is 9 percent higher than the state average of 81.1. The district credits the high graduation rate to their prevention and intervention teams that are at all three of the districts high schools. This also has made it possible for the district to have a dropout rate of less than 1%. The dropout rate was 0.8% for 2019.

The school district also saw a 10 percent increase in the number of students who attended two or four year colleges or other institution after graduation. The rate increased from 68 percent to 78 percent.

The school district saw significant gains in the student progress reports as well. The district said that twelve schools in the district saw significant increases in Math and English Language Arts in terms of academic growth.