Pren Woods in Brussels

Pren Woods was one of 11 people named a European Union Fellow and visited Belgium.

An Alston Middle School social studies teacher attended a conference in Brussels, Belgium.

Pren Woods was named a European Union Fellow and one of 11 educators selected to visit Brussels. While in Belgium, Woods met with diplomats and NATO representatives, and also discussed trade, BREXIT, immigration, sustainability and security.

In order to be selected for the program, Woods had to write an essay about how he would use his experiences in the classroom. Woods said he was told his application stood out because he was also a part of the European Union opening ceremonies in 1992.

Woods said the the best part of the experience was going to NATO and seeing people from different countries interacting with one another. He said that all of the fellows got to see how NATO operates, and be a part of great discussions.

Woods explained that the trip made an impact on him as an educator.

“The experience reminds me that I must always be committed to learning so that I give my students the latest scholarship,” he said.

Woods explained that traveling is also a great, eye-opening experience because of the kind people he meets.

“Foreign travel continues to remind me that, though countries may be in disagreements, the people ‘on the ground’ can be quite different,” he said. “I met people from all over the world in Brussels, and everyone was so kind and gracious, even if they were not fond of American politics.”