Teacher Feature (Marie Connelly)

Marie Connelly

When many hear about an instructional technology specialist they meet the information with a combination of confusion and wonder. This reaction is common for Marie Connelly, the instruction technology specialist at Joseph Pye Elementary School.

Connelly said she never thought that she would be a ITS when she was in college. When Connelly was attending Winthrop University she majored in dance performance and psychology.

Despite that, she said she loved teaching and thought that dance could be a way to teach. She received her teaching certification through the PACE program, which assists teachers in receiving certification if they can teach a critical need. She was then hired by DD2 and has been with the district ever since.

An instructional technology specialist assist teachers and students in integrating technology into the classroom. Connelly said that she loves her job because she is able to build relationships with everyone in the school. The job also allows her to work alongside others.

“I love being able to have relationships with different teachers and different people,” Connelly said. “I love that I get to collaborate with different teachers and different people.”

The job is always changing and that is one of Connelly’s favorite things about working as an Instructional Technology Specialist. She gets to exercise her creativity to assist students in becoming the best and accomplishing their goals.

“It really changes from day to day and from need to need and that’s part of the fun of the job,” Connelly said.

Connelly said that her job also allows her to integrate STEAM in the classroom and she gets to see the first hand impact of STEAM education on students.

“What’s great about STEAM is that you can learn content and standards in such a real world innovative manner so that students are utilizing the content they are learning,” Connelly explained.

Connelly said that everyday she seeks to create the best environment for education and student growth.

“My ultimate goal is to provide meaningful and creative experiences for students,” Connelly said.