West Virginia Culinary Artisans bring handmade gourmet foods to Flowertown Festival

Keith and Kim Finger

Culinary Artisans Keith and Kim Finger are on a mission to educate people about the importance of eating wholesome meals made from completely organic ingredients.

Their business, Mountain Momma Organics, offers over 250 handmade gourmet food items personally created by the couple at their West Virginia farm. Keith Finger said he’s excited to bring his organic pantry foods to Summerville next month for his first Flowertown Festival.

“The thing that really inspires us is the ability to teach people that they are what they eat,” Finger said.

Keith and Kim have been vegetarians for 15 years. They also choose to eat only organic foods, most of which are grown on their farm.

“We both worked in the medical field and learned that the way to keep your body healthy is through exercise, good living and eating the right foods,” Finger said.

For Finger, “the right foods,” mean fruits and vegetables grown without the use of chemicals.

Finger said his career in the medical industry taught him that pesticides, additives and preservatives which are often incorporated into mass produced foods are “destructive” to the human body.

“To keep our family healthy and ourselves, we moved over to a simpler diet; a chemical-free and mostly vegetarian diet.”

When the Fingers bought their 100-acre property in the hills of West Virginia, the couple planted a five-acre garden using high and low tunnels. But Finger said he quickly learned that farming alone is not enough to pay the bills so he transformed the farm into an added value food business.

“Kim started doing what she knew well- baking and cooking,” Finger said.

Mountain Momma Organics “evolved” from a small farm into what it is today, Finger said.

“It’s a great lifestyle and a lot of fun but you’ve got to remain flexible if you’re going to do homesteading,” Finger said.

Finger takes his products on the road now; he typically travels to 8 states every year to sell Mountain Momma Organics foods at various shows and festivals.

His top sellers include the broccoli cheddar and curried lentil soup mixes prepared by Kim.

“People are very busy today and they like to know they’re making a healthy meal for their families,” Finger said.

Their soup kits where such a hit that Kim began to create more varieties including chicken noodle, tomato, vegan taco and more.

Many of the soup kits are also gluten free, low sodium or no-dairy.

Another popular product is the Mountain Momma Organics herb infused honeys. They’re full-tinctured and take weeks to make, Finger said.

Not only do they taste good, the herbs also have health benefits, Finger said.

Their InflammaCure Herbal Tea Mix includes turmeric, clove, black pepper, sweet cinnamon, cardamon, allspice, and ginger. Finger said the mixture is “a powerful anti-inflammatory tea.”

Kim is currently working on several new salad dressings and dip mixes, Finger said.

Finger said his wife’s healthy food creations enable the couple to continue their passion for promoting healthy eating habits.

Finger said it does cost a little bit more to eat chemical-free, organic foods, but it’s a choice between “pay me now or pay me later.”

“My wife always says you can pay for healthy food now or pay doctors, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies later,” Finger said.

To learn more about Mountain Momma Organics, visit their website .