A fourth candidate plans run for mayor

{child_byline}By Joy Bonala,



Brandon King, a 28-year-old Summerville real estate agent is joining the Summerville mayoral race as a fourth candidate.

King filed for office at 11 a.m. on Wednesday, even though the town offices were officially closed due to Hurricane Dorian. CJ Westfall, King’s campaign manager, said King had hoped to have “the element of surprise” by filing near the Sept. 6 deadline, but Hurricane Dorian spoiled that strategy.

King grew up in Summerville and currently works at Southern Shores Real Estate Group in downtown Summerville.

Westfall explained the top three issues comprising King’s platform. He said the consensus-building issues are ones King feels have not been addressed by the three other mayoral candidates.

First, King said Summerville needs an adequate facilities ordinance that will ensure new development pays for itself.

Second, the town should be a better steward of the environment, especially considering Summerville’s motto: “Let the Pine be sacred.”

And third, King wants property tax and business tax relief for residents.

“The real reason he’s doing this is because he doesn’t feel like the other candidates are addressing the actual issues that are important to Summervillians,” Westfall said.

According to Westfall, King believes he is going to be a viable candidate.

While he hasn’t disclosed details on his campaign finances, King has been raising money and will report his total in the October campaign finance report.

King has more than 30 volunteers ready to spread his platform.

Three other candidates have already filed to run for mayor: Dorchester County Councilman Bill Hearn, former Summerville Fire Chief Ricky Waring, and local musician Fleming Moore.