Threats, intimidation

On Jan. 28, officers from the Summerville Police Department were contacted about an incident involving threats. The complainant told police he was waiting at the light on Gahagan Road when the vehicle in front of him did not move when the light turned green. Police said the complainant began to drive around the car when a man jumped out and started shouting. Police said the complainant made the turn and the other vehicle followed him home. Police said both parties exited their vehicles and the subject accused complainant of hitting his car. Police said the complainant said he did not hit the car when he made the turn and even allowed the subject to search his vehicle for damage. Police said the subject then said to the complainant that, “he should shoot him in the head.” The complainant said another person in the vehicle told the subject to get back into the car. The incident report said the man then told the complainant he was having a bad day but that he has shot people in the face before and wasn’t afraid to do it again.

Found property

Police responded to the Goodwill on Jan. 29 after a call about some found property. The manager told officers that employees found a pistol and ammunition mixed in with some donated items. The incident report said the manager wanted to turn in the firearm to the police department to have it destroyed. Police took custody of the weapon to hold as evidence before its eventual destruction.

Disturbance call

Summerville police responded to a hotel on Holiday Drive on Jan. 31 on a possible medical call. Police said when they arrived they were told a naked woman was running down one of the hallways. An employee said the woman was seen on video taking off all of her clothes and throwing them down the laundry shoot. The employee said staff was able to wrap a sheet around the woman and get her back to her room. Police said when they went to the woman’s room to question her she said she was not using any drugs and did not recall the incident in the hallway. Police called EMS for further assistance.

Drug violation

On Jan. 31 a woman was pulled over by the Summerville police for faulty equipment. Police said while talking to her she became very nervous and would not make eye contact. Police said she was asked to exit her car. Police said they found containers with two small white crystal-like substances that officers suspected to be meth. The incident report said when the subject was asked about the items she said it was rock salt and she planned on selling it as crystal meth. Police said when they field tested the items they came back as presumptive for methamphetamines. Officers said the subject also had several prescription pills, for which, she did not have a prescription.

Gun found

Police responded to a church on central avenue about a weapon found near the parking lot. Police said when they arrived the complainant told them he found a loaded handgun in a fanny pack in some bushes near the parking area. Police said also found in the pack were two store receipts, a lighter, tissues, eye drops and some money. Police said they took photos of the item and where it was found before sending it to be stored in evidence.