Holy Rolly started after a husband and wife decided it was time to get out of the nine-to-five routine to start their own business to sweeten up local dessert fare and put their own twist on ice cream.

“We just happened to see a couple places in the area started popping up with the frozen-roll cream desserts and it’s really big on the west coast and the Southwest,” said Sean Gardner, co-owner of Holy Rolly Charleston.

“We were thinking to ourselves, I think we can do this on a food truck and there is nothing else out there that’s like it and it’s a very big trend right now.”

And what also makes Holy Rolly Charleston unique is that everything they offer is a one-of-a-kind; it’s all homemade.

It all begins with the vanilla cream.

“There are different places that use cream mixes and different types of pre-processed products,” said Gardner.

“Our cream is our own recipe, my wife came up with the ratios and we shake everything by hand,” he said.

“Whatever is chopped into it is what goes in that dessert and it gets chopped up into the cream on the cold plate and then as it freezes, then we just roll it up into a roll so everything in there is fresh.”

Holy Rolly Charleston started in October on 2018 this with be their first year at the Flowertown Festival.