Members of the area Jewish community headed to Florida Monday with a car full of supplies for those victimized by Hurricane Irma last month.

Residents in Summerville and Charleston united together for the effort, collecting items such as non-perishable foods and toiletries, creating what they dubbed the "Kosher Karavan," according to a press release from Charleston Area Jewish Services.

Donation items were to be dropped off Tuesday at a food pantry belonging to Goodman Jewish Family Services in Broward County, Florida.

But along with the items, the car, a 2006 Saturn Ion, is going to a Broward County family whose vehicle suffered damage after a tree fell on it during the storm, local volunteers said.

Summerville resident John Kauth owns the car and said he wanted to not only meet the need of victims but also use the act of kindness to honor his wife's memory.

"She was a very generous person and would highly approve," Kauth said.

Donna Kauth passed away in 2015 from an infection related to pancreatitis. The couple had been married 40 years.

It's not the first time Kauth's donated his cars, and it won't be his last. The Summerville resident expressed his desire to continue helping others "for the rest of my days."

"One does not have to be rich to help and show compassion for other people," he said.

In the past Kauth has given his vehicles to the Kidney Foundation. But watching and hearing news of Irma-related tragedies, he opted instead to be a Good Samaritan for a storm victim. 

"When I saw the devastation in Florida, I realized that rather than driving the...Ion for another three to four years and donating it...why not donate it to someone now who was devastated by Hurricane Irma," Kauth said. 

Goodman JFS helped identify the family in need, with help from local volunteer and Summerville resident Robyn Wittenberg Dudley.

While Kauth is a practicing Buddhist, he said his wife was Jewish and "both faiths stress compassion and helping other people."

"Many people in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico have lost everything that they own," Kauth said. "I cannot help all of them but I can help at least one family."

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