Traffic going in and out of BJ’s Wholesale Club in Summerville should be a bit smoother. The town opened the extension to Marymeade Drive in a ribbon cutting ceremony on Friday. The road connects Jockey Court to the roundabout on Marymeade Drive behind the North Main Street Walmart.

The Marymeade Drive extension project cost $704,000 and was completed by Banks Construction in half the allotted time (three months), Johnson said. Banks is also responsible for Maple Street and the Nexton Interchange. The Marymeade extension is 1,500 feet long and two lanes wide with sidewalk. It is also the first road built by the Town of Summerville, according to town engineer and director of public works Russ Cornette.

“The Town has made improvements and realignments of roads in the past but not a new road that I’m aware of, at least since the Town was founded in the 1800s,” Cornette said.

Summerville Mayor Wiley Johnson said the town is excited about the project.

“This is a big deal for us,” Johnson said at the ribbon cutting ceremony. “We’re not making a mountain out of a molehill, opening a short road. But this is a great part of connectivity. It fits in with the vision plan of connectivity.”

Johnson said he would like to see Jockey Court, which currently meets a dead end right before the Sawmill Branch in front of BJ’s, continue a few hundred more feet to connect to Interstate 26. He added that the extension benefits the town as a whole.

Summerville resident Billy Walker contributed the land for the project along with $445,000. In total, the land stretches 300 acres. Walker also owns farmland off of Berlin G. Myers Parkway where he partnered with the town to construct the parkway through his land decades ago.

“I’m sure it will help traffic that’s already in this area,” Walker said. “It gives another loop for somebody to go instead of always going out and in this same driveway (Jockey Court).”

Johnson said the project benefits all parties involved.

“It helped (Walker). It helped his property. But the thing about it – it helped the town. That’s what being a good citizen is all about,” Johnson said.

Johnson added he would like to see the bike trail near Sawmill Branch also connect to Marymeade.