Northern Southern conducting railwork

the crossing at Cedar Street in Summerville

A Norfolk Southern rail gang is replacing rails at several crossings this week across Charleston and Dorchester Counties.

Roads will be temporarily closed, and all traffic detoured while the work is ongoing. RoadSafe will be conducting all road closures/detours on behalf of Norfolk Southern.

RoadSafe technicians will be in contact with Dorchester County to advise of road closures.

The rail gang is tentatively scheduled to be in Dorchester County beginning Wednesday and lasting through Feb. 1. Each crossing will be closed for approximately two-to-three hours. Roads do not typically remain closed overnight unless problems arise.

Citizens are asked to keep in mind that railroad maintenance is not something that is “scheduled.” The gang must be given track time by a dispatcher to do the maintenance work. Weather delays and equipment problems are also factors with this type of work.

The roads/crossings scheduled for maintenance are listed below:

Remount Road / Charleston / 1/28

Aviation Road / Charleston / 1/28

Jet Park Drive / Charleston / 1/28

Midland Park Road / Charleston / tentative 1/29

Ashley Phosphate Road / Charleston / tentative 1/29

Ladson Road / Charleston / TBD

Von Oshen Road / Charleston / TBD

Dunmeyer Hill Road / Charleston / TBD

E. Pickney Street / Charleston / TBD

Owens Drive / Dorchester / TBD

Main Street, US 17-A / Dorchester / TBD

N. Cedar Street / Dorchester / TBD

Hickory Street / Dorchester / TBD

Maple Street / Dorchester / TBD

Richardson Avenue / Dorchester / TBD

Industrial Drive / Dorchester / TBD  

Note: The information below will be updated on the Dorchester County website as information becomes available.