Dorchester County Sheriff's officials are urging drivers to be on lookout for wildlife roaming the roadways at night after a deputy's patrol vehicle collided with a deer just before 8 p.m. Monday in St. George.

According to an agency Facebook post, another vehicle struck the deer - the impact launching the deer through the windshield of the deputy's car and onto the front passenger seat.

According to the incident report, the deputy was traveling west on Charleston Highway, near Sparrow Road, when he said he spotted a deer coming towards the roadway and slowed his car to a stop.

The deputy said he then observed another vehicle, traveling in the eastbound lane, strike the deer. The 26-year-old driver told deputies in the report that the deer came out of nowhere and she was unclear what happened after the crash. 

Neither driver was seriously injured, though the deputy complained of back and neck pain, and the other victim was transported to Colleton Medical Center for breathing problems due to asthma, the report stated.

Sheriff's officials are now asking drivers to stay alert during nighttime travels.

"With hours of darkness getting longer, please be mindful of wildlife while driving at night," the post says.