Ricky Waring has been selected as the new Mayor of Summerville.

Waring won in the four-man race, beating Dorchester County Councilman Bill Hearn, local musician Fleming Moore and real estate agent Brandon King.

“I couldn’t be more excited,” Waring said. “I’m going to go to work and try to do some of the things that I said I would do.”

Official results show Waring beat Hearn by 262 votes. Hearn conceded and then drove over to Waring’s campaign watch party to congratulate Waring. The men shook hands and hugged.

In District 4, Bill McIntosh easily beat Glenn Zingarino. But perhaps the most emotional moment of the night for McIntosh was watching the way Hearn and Waring interacted after the results were announced.

“What I witnessed tonight from Bill Hearn was extraordinary,” McIntosh said. “What both of those gentlemen did was demonstrate the Summerville way of doing things. They ran a very honorable race, a very fair race, a very gentlemanly race and in the end, Ricky Waring won by a margin that had to be difficult for Bill Hearn to take and to come over here and concede the race in person was just an extraordinary thing,” McIntosh said.

Mayoral candidates Moore and King also congratulated Waring on his victory. Moore said he was pleased with the outcome of the election.

“Ricky has a servant’s heart, he’s a proven leader, he shepherded us through (Hurricane) Hugo and I know the town is in good hands with Ricky Waring serving as mayor,” Moore said.

In District 2, Terry Jenkins won back the seat he formerly held from incumbent Christine Czarnik. He said he felt blessed and was eager to join Waring and the rest of the town council in moving forward.

“We now have seven people on council who are able to work together, talk together, not argue, build consensus and really do things that are going to make things so much better for Summerville in terms of the eyes of the public,” Jenkins said.

In District 6, Bob Jackson ran unopposed and will continue to serve in his seat.


Bill Hearn 3,005

Brandon King 283

Fleming Moore 354

Ricky Waring 3,267

Town Council District 2

Christine Czarnik 511

Terry Jenkins 874

Town Council District 4

Bill McIntosh 1,118

Glenn A Zingarino 371

Town Council District 6

Bob Jackson 507

Commissioner of Public Works Town of Summerville

Jordy Tupper 6,098

Libraries Referendum

In favor of the question 11,295

Opposed to the question 6,127

Parks and Recreation Referendum

In favor of the question 11,582

Opposed to the question 5,804