Deputies from the Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office decided to throw together a surprise party for a girl who loves all things that are law enforcement.

Nine year old Claire Moore will soon be turning ten and she never misses a chance to high-five a passing officer or deputy. But there is more to it than just showing the normal gratitude for those in the uniform. Claire has a passion for those who keep the peace and judging by her photos on social media her sincerity is undeniable.

“I don’t know where it came from, we don’t have any law enforcement officers in our family,” said Christina Moore, Claire’s mom. “Even at stop lights I have to strategically speed up or slow down so we can get right next to the cruiser so she can wave to them; any opportunity she gets to have interaction with a police officer she jumps on it.”

That passion was not lost on Dorchester County Deputy J.R. Holder. A social media post explains Holder went to the family’s neighborhood last week to fill out a report and he met Claire and learned of her fondness for deputies and her plan to be in law enforcement in the future.

Holder also learned her birthday would be coming soon and due to a recent gymnastics injury Claire has been confined to the house. After meeting Claire, deputy Holder then contacted other Dorchester County deputies and then additional local and state agencies to gather a wide array of fun law enforcement swag.

Dorchester deputies then showed up again at Claire’s home to give her some birthday gifts and a surprise she will not soon forget — K-9 dog included.

“I was very shocked and surprised; I was like oh my gosh,” said Claire. “I was so shocked I just started crying.”

Among other things Clair received 32 different patches from various law enforcement agencies. In the social media post on Facebook those from the Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office said Claire has the most infectious smile and personality and she has one of the biggest hearts they have ever seen.

“I hope that this makes other young kids realize that they [law enforcement] are the good guys,” said Christina Moore. “We as parents need to instill that in our children.”