Summerville seamstress opens brick and mortar store, creates gathering place for moms

Dan and Stephanie Button and their family.

Local mothers, and fathers too, will soon have a new place to mingle with others who have recently embarked on the journey of parenthood.

Stephanie Button is opening a brick and mortar store for her small business, Tweedle Beedle. The mother of two designs and sews unique children’s clothing. Tweedle Beedle is moving into Nexton Square this fall, joining more than two dozen other commercial businesses located in the destination retail center. In addition to her own handmade clothing, the store will offer other brands of children’s clothing and accessories. But the store will also provide a community room for classes and mom meetups.

“It’s going to be such a wonderful addition to the community; a place where you can come and feel comfortable as a parent,” Button said.

There are so many possibilities. Button has imagined meetups for new moms, moms of toddlers, international moms, a dads group, an introduction into baby wearing or cloth diapering, a breastfeeding support group, CPR training, car seat safety class, story time and craft time for toddlers/preschoolers, and mom’s night out.

When she was a new mom, Button learned the importance of getting out of her house and finding peers who were experiencing the same stage of life.

“We believe that parents are superheroes- they have the hardest and most important job,” Button said. “We want Tweedle Beedle to be a place where people can find the best baby products but also help parents find solutions in a supportive, non-judgemental way that empowers and helps create community.”

Button started her small business in 2016 after she realized a local demand for high-quality, handmade children’s clothing. She emphasizes quality over quantity and the importance of sourcing American-made fabrics and accessories.

“We are really excited to be opening a baby and childrens store in Summerville,” Button said. “We think it is a need in the community that just hasn’t been filled yet.”