Candice Coleman, who was part of Netflix’s “Nailed it,” was in the middle of a baking bonding activity with her daughters Molly and Romona, when she found time to talk about her experience on the show and life after winning.

“Nailed it!” is an American Netflix original series that is not you typical bake off show. It has a reality TV style with a mix of comedy and drama.

The show is hosted by comedian Nicole Byer and pastry chef Jacques Torres. This show celebrates being a hot mess and having fun. The contestants are amateur chefs from all over the county that create a bake dish and the judges critique their holiday masterpiece.

The show is outlined by asking contestants to make tasty treats that represents the holiday spirit over two rounds. The time crunches and commentary make every second hilarious.

Candice has been baking all her life, bonding with her mother while making chocolate chip cookies. She said her favorite baking memory comes from ridges of flours that remind her of snow covered mountains in Colorado, one of the many places she has lived.

She actually found out about the show “Nailed It” while visiting her best-friend Margette during a visit in Virginia. Knowing that Candace was a fan of Nicole Byer, Margette introduced the idea of auditioning for the show. After watching the show and realizing that it was relatable and aligned with her values, she gave it a try.

Months after she applied she heard back that they loved her cakes she submitted and she was cast on the show. Candice describe her time on the show as fun, and exciting. The atmosphere on the set was full of laughter and jokes with a sparkle of love. She even gained a friendship with her fellow cast member Samantha Cruz, and they refer to each other as “Nailed It” BFFs.

She said life after the show has been great, and so has a Disney world trip bringing recognition from people all over the world who praise her for her accomplishments. She has traveled to many different states and is having watch parties in areas she has lived.

Candice has a piece of advice for aspiring bakers who don’t think they’re good enough.

“Grab a glass of wine, and go for it,” she said. “No matter how your creation comes out, as long as you’re laughing in the kitchen, you’re trying new things, that’s all that matters. It doesn’t matter what it looks like, just how it tastes.”

Viewers can find the show on Netflix, “Nailed it! Holiday” episode 6 “A Classic Christmess.” The theme of this episode was a vintage ornament cake, pops and much more.

Social media fans can keep up with Candace on her Instagram, candismo1984 and Facebook-Candace Coleman.