Town of Summerville launches new mass notification alert system

Summerville Town Hall

The Town of Summerville has launched a new and enhanced mass notification system that will send immediate alerts to anyone who subscribes.

The system, Notify Me, will serve as the town’s cornerstone for mass communications. This tool allows users to subscribe to receive multi-channel notifications on select topics that matter most to them while providing the option to choose to be alerted by text message or email.

All notifications will come manually from the town’s new Alert Center where all potentially disruptive, non-life threatening events and emergencies will be posted. The Alert Center allows the town to post notifications in more detail in a highly visible position on the website.

Examples of notification subscription topics include: road work, traffic, weather, election, jobs, events, calendar posts, agenda posts, and more.

Summerville Town Administrator Colin Martin said the town is committed to keeping residents informed and safe.

“Mass communications is a crucial component for information sharing,” Martin said. “Our new Alert Center and notification system are ways to keep us transparent while engaging with the community.”

To visit the Summerville Alert Center and sign up for notifications, go to Signing up does not require a username or password. Users can update their settings at any time after sign up.

The Alert Center and Notify Me are features through CivicPlus, the Town’s integrated technology platform. The Town launched a new, redesigned website in April 2019. For more, visit