To the Editor:

Dorchester County Councilman Larry Hargett recently penned a letter to the editor regarding the recent State Supreme Court decision on the parks and libraries referendum.

Councilman Hargett seems to have a case of revisionist history. For starters, Councilman Hargett has denied numerous times in public from the Dias of county council that he did not request the attorney general opinion.

We now know he did in fact request the opinion, and he was dishonest to the people of Dorchester County on this issue.

As Councilman Hargett continues to try to revise history, it is important to note that Councilman Hargett voted to place the language on the ballot based on the same guidance from attorneys and bond counsel. Only after the ballot closed did Councilman Hargett raise any objections.

However, you can’t blame County Council for following their counsel’s advice. The plaintiff attorneys are the equivalent of the boy who cried wolf.

Every time this council listens and responds to residents, the plaintiff attorneys sue with lawsuit after lawsuit being thrown out. Cry wolf enough times and no one listens, but these plaintiff attorneys may have a more ripe adage applied to them in this case — even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in awhile.

Don’t listen to the spin by Councilman Hargett — voters want parks and libraries and ultimately, the voters will win and not plaintiff attorneys.

Steven Wright