To the Editor:

We are now in the last hours of 2019, and I am asking myself what should be my New Year Resolution?

Knowing I can do little to about world protests, the impeachment crisis, fake news, wildfires, mass shootings or ridding the planet of the little ole straws, while dumping size 5 plastic pampers in our landfills.

I struggle with the big issue’s and feel useless in my efforts in changes. I ponder resolutions as I know I must put my trust in God in—and even in this I come so short. Do you ever put your options out there only to have them boomerang back to you?

You promise yourself you want do that again, and yet you do.

My resolutions of weight lost, or become better organized, quit that one bad habit, too much of this and not enough of that seers my soul each new year.

Politically, I ask myself have I out grown my party, or have they stirred away from my value system.

Is this 2920 the time to change over ? It’s difficult to choose just one resolution ‘cause I really do need to Speak less, and listen more, be a better friend, mother, sister, etc. Think I will refer back to the trust thing.

Psalm 37;25 reads, “I have been young and now old. Yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread.”

Think I’ll just skip over the new year’s resolution thing and stay focused on the trust thing, especially with our new mayor Ricky Waring soon to take office. How exciting is that?

New beginnings for us all. Let us not forget to show due respect for Mayor Johnson. Wiley and Susan’s love of Summerville was truly under appreciated by many.

Mayor Johnson generosity, kindness, consideration’s to so many, and work ethic was unmatched. He was not a push-over and came across to council members in the negative.

Time they say... heals all wrongs. I pray that it does for my friend Wiley, as well as others.

Great job, Mayor...and God’s Blessings.

That being said, I have come to my New Year’s Resolution. I will resolve to “Let go and let God’’ deal with the town council as they work together … for good... for all of Summerville.

May this 2020 year, be the greatest ever for our Flowertown, in the Pines, which we all love so dearly.

Happy New Year.

Sue George