To the Editor:

In your Jan. 9 edition you printed a letter over the name of Marty Boyle, a Peter Gorman-Wiley Johnson supported candidate who was defeated in the latest council election.

This letter was an over-the-top personal attack on our town’s highly qualified and respected town administrator, Colin Martin.

In the letter Mr. Martin is accused of “botching” a salary survey, speculates that he may be reprimanded, states that his contract should not be renewed and makes several other disparaging and untrue charges.

Mr. Martin is a retired Navy captain and former Dorchester County administrator. He has been commended for his performance by town council and his contract was recently renewed.

He has, however, been constantly criticized by Peter Gorman and Mayor Johnson, who voted against hiring him and later voted not to give him the use of a town automobile.

Interestingly, on Dec. 28 Mr. Gorman, Mayor Johnson’s adviser, published a post on his website, Save Summerville, which was not attributed to Mr. Boyle.

This post was, word for word, identical with the letter to the editor purportedly written by Mr. Boyle.

On January 30 you published another Gorman letter which made the absurd allegation that Mr. Martin was against public comments.

Those who hold elected office understand that during these times they will be subjected to criticism, fair and unfair. They understand and accept the fact that they are fair game for negative attacks for political purposes.

Mr. Martin is not an elected official. He is a town employee hired by — and responsible to — town council.

The residents of Summerville are, after more than three years, sick and tired of the deceitful low end political games being played by the Johnson-Gorman political machine. Summerville deserves better.

Walter Bailey

Summerville Town Council

District 3