To the Editor:

As a resident of Summerville (with a Summerville address), I was surprised to say the least when I went to vote Tuesday only to find that there were only two items on my ballot; the Parks and Libraries issues.

What I learned is that even though I have a Summerville address, my area is in an unincorporated “{span}doughnut {/span}hole,” therefore I am not able to vote on any Summerville-city related issues, or, more importantly, candidates.

Unless we become annexed, my Summit Gardens and Summit neighbors and I will never be able to vote on candidates and issues that directly impact us. And we are not alone; evidently there are other Summerville neighborhoods experiencing the same thing; perhaps you live in one of them.

It would seem to me that if only the decades-old neighborhoods of Summerville are the only areas that are eligible to vote on major issues and candidates, the outcome of elections will not be truly representative of the population living, working and otherwise contributing to the economy here.

Only a select few will be governing the area, making decisions that directly impact neighborhoods that have no input. I’m told the Town Council is the avenue to pursue this issue and if I were a Council member, I’d certainly want to reach out to a new constituent base for obvious reasons.

So if you weren’t happy with your election experience this week, I urge you to contact a Council member so your voice can be heard in local matters that will impact your quality of life for years to come. I’ll be joining you.

Elisabeth Boyd