To the Editor:

It is always interesting to read the editorials especially prior to election time. I respect the ones that support their candidates regardless of who they are.

As a rule, I normally refrain from calling a person by name, however by reading town councilman Walter Bailey’s recent letter to the editor in this newspaper and the Post and Courier, I am making an exception to this rule.

In his letter, Mr. Bailey took advantage during this election time by stating that for the last four years not much has been accomplished due to lack of effective leadership.

Even though he didn’t mention the current mayor by name, it was another cheap shot to make Mayor Johnson look bad — to say the least. The other side of this story is that Mr. Bailey failed to mention that he and several other council members voted in favor of an amendment to take away the mayor’s executive authority two years after he was elected.

This amendment will expire in 2020. It is very obvious that this lack of leadership was created by this council’s majority and not the mayor.

During these last four years, Summerville has missed the opportunity to have a qualified leader, but he was deprived of doing the job he was elected to do.

He loves Summerville as much as anyone else. He’s been receptive toward the public and created more transparency for the residents of Summerville, but was unable to address problems due to his restrictions imposed by council members.

Although Mayor Johnson was not born here, the real reason concerning the lack of leadership is simply caused by this council playing hardball against him since day one, primarily because of his opposition to the hotel complex.

I hope for the sake of the residents of Summerville that our town leaders will work for a better future. If not, we will be going back to square one, and it will not be hard to figure out what that means.

Adriaan Kwist