To the Editor:

Before the Town of Summerville decides to build a roundabout at Five Points and changes the landscape of that area forever, I would like to suggest trying one option on a two-week trial period or longer.

I suggest the eastbound lane of West Carolina close from West Richardson to South Main Street, creating a one way street that runs from South Main to West Richardson. Through doing this, the traffic on East Carolina that turns left onto South Main and backs up to the Berlin G. Myers Parkway would be unimpeded. It would also ease the traffic build up at Summerville Baptist Church wanting to turn left onto Central Ave. Although it would affect the 60 homes on W Carolina by rerouting to and from their homes, it would give them a safe place to walk and ride a bike along W Carolina. Of course the traffic that uses W Carolina as a cut thru to get to the east side of town would have to find an alternate route, i.e. W Richardson to S Main, S Laurel to Sumter / W 5th S to S Main or one they preferred.

The logistics of it would require a 2 week education period to inform residents that the East bound lane will be closed for the following 2 weeks via social media, newspaper, news and signs along the route. It would also require 19 One Way signs, 14 Do Not Enter signs, and 20 or so barricades. The Street Dept. could mount the One Way signs on the Stop sign poles reducing the cost of poles and labor to install. They can mount the Do Not Enter signs onto the barricades that will block the East bound lane. I believe the cost would be less than $1500 after checking on sign prices and if it relieved or changed the traffic in the area, it could save the Town over $870,000.

Stanley “Skip” Tucker Jr.