To the Editor:

An article from the Washington Post about the Insulin caravan that went to Canada to obtain insulin at a fraction of the cost here in the USA. This story is only the tip of the ice-burg so to speak, about Americans who order prescriptions from Canada. It is estimated that 19 million American’s order prescription medications from Canada.

My question is why do prescription subscribers in USA have to go to Canada to obtain better price on their medication? Many American’s can not afford their prescriptions with brand and generic drug prices skyrocketing year after year.

The answer is really simple, everyone in the health care industry is out “ to get their own”. Nothing, but pure greed.

Technically, it is consider illegal to obtain medication from a foreign country without a prescription. The FDA states it is illegal to import from other countries but they don’t have jurisdiction to enforce it.

I have used Canada pharmacy online services ( brand & generic medications) me that have been vetted by pharmacy My orders went through customs because they clearly say “ RX for personal medication” with a copy of a valid written prescription from my doctor in my shipment.

American’s need to get access to lower cost prescription medications. Medicare should be able to negotiate their contracts like Medicaid and the VA. I wrote three of our DC representatives here, and got the brush off.

I have approached Post and Courier to do an article about customers who order from Canada pharmacies and it was declined. After all they published the caravan article in June of 2019.

I would hope this topic would spark an interest by the journal scene. It is time for everyone to speak up about this topic.

Gerald Kernick