For those who haven’t read the classic novel 1984, this is a quote from the Ministry of Truth, the arm of the dystopian government that deals in propaganda and entertainment.

It’s blunt and obviously false, but it was repeated enough by those in authority that all three lies were generally accepted as truth.

Thankfully we haven’t reached that level of “newspeak;” however self-serving politicians and media elites tell us over and over again that we have a national epidemic with gun violence and too many guns are in the hands of those that shouldn’t have them.

These are dangerous lies.

According to all the available facts, as gun ownership has risen to now record levels homicide rates have dropped like a stone.

Violent crime in general is near a record low. Certainly, the rise in gun ownership alone is not the sole cause for the current safety that we now enjoy.

Innovations in policing on federal, state, and local levels have also played a part.

The only places that have seen an actual increase in violence have been large cities with strong gun control and “gun-free” zones like schools and shopping centers that many shooters referred to as soft-targets.

Historically, guns have been the greatest force for equality in human history. The right of a free man to own and bear firearms goes all the back to before the US Constitution was even a dream.

The English Bill of Rights of 1689 guaranteed what we refer to 2nd Amendment rights explicitly as a means to deter tyranny from an overbearing government. We know this because they spelled it when Parliament ousted King James II in favor of his daughter and son-in-law, Mary and William.

Before this, only the physically strong and politically powerful could defend themselves from aggression.

Today, anyone of any size can successfully deter an attacker with a single trigger-pull.

It’s because of the gun and the right to bear them that we’ve seen the rapid increase of equal rights and opportunity for all people in the Western world since 1689. The ironclad knights of the aristocracy could no longer dominate the peasants armed with muskets and flintlocks.

But where does that leave us today? Mass shootings shouldn’t just be chalked up as the price we pay for living in a free society. There is something we can do to continue to decrease violent crime: Keep repealing the remnants of Jim Crow laws, rather than reinstate them.

When Jim Crow laws were being implemented all over the country last century they aimed to disenfranchise non-whites. History has shown that it’s a lot harder to take the vote away from people that are armed, so first they implemented strict gun control all over on state and local levels.

It wasn’t until the last few decades that we’ve seen these state laws come off the books, and as they have violent crime rates came off with them. Here in South Carolina, we still have to jump through many expensive and unconstitutional hoops to get government approval to exercise the rights we have been guaranteed. They don’t have to do that in Vermont or New Hampshire.

Politicians from both parties have been calling for a return to more government control of our right to own property. Every time that’s happened it’s led to people’s oppression.

So if you want to see a positive change to make our communities safer, tell our elected representatives in both Congress and the Statehouse in Columbia that they shouldn’t be aligned with the racist oppressors that we’ve fought hard to leave in the past.

Tell them to support Constitutional Carry in session next year and to get rid of dangerous “gun-free” zones.

Gun control has been tried but it didn’t make anyone safer except those monsters in the white hoods.

Jordan Pace spends his days teaching high school, selling houses, and studying to become the world’s best G.K. Chesterton impersonator.