One day while listening to WKCL, a guest preacher spoke on truth. He ended his talk with this phrase “don’t spit in my face and call it rain.” Amen, brother!

So what exactly is truth?

Google has various definitions, but basically they all say:

Truth corresponds to reality.

Truth matches its object.

Truth is simply telling it like it is.

My dad, a believer in truth, morals and knowledge told stories to impart lessons. One was about a naked king. Written by Hans Christen Anderson the story relates how two swindlers sell the king a very expensive set of clothes they say “only the wise can see.”

When they “clothe” the king, he can’t see the clothes (because there are none) but is afraid to say so for fear of looking unwise. It is a small child crying out when the king appears in public, “the king has no clothes!”

How far can the truth be stretched? Pretty far, I think. But at some point, just like a rubber band, it will snap back.

These random thoughts come up because after reading the article, “Summerville is at a crossroads,” published in the Journal Scene June 26 edition with the current mayor’s face by it I thought “not true” and not, I think written by the man in the picture.

Spit not rain. The king is buck naked. The truth has been stretched so far I heard it snap.

The following is painful to recall and write, but from the beginning signs, literally and figuratively — “Stop the high rises.” “No roads thru Weatherstone.” “Collins votes himself huge pay raise.” —were there that this campaign and term of office would not be built on truth.

Failure to curb supporters’ rude behavior at council meetings while another mayor was still in office, threats to remove Police Chief Owens and a town employee when “I get in office” all pointed to what was to come.

And it came indeed. Once in office, it became clear that the position of mayor was totally misunderstood. Being Mayor of Summerville is not about power and control. It is and was about ribbon cutting, building consensus in meetings, engaging with other municipalities and encouraging employees and citizens. If it is — and was — done right, the position earns/earned respect and trust. The town administrator runs the town, under the authority of council of which the mayor is a member, not lord and master.

Just a few short months after taking office, these incidents occurred that demonstrated a complete lack of understanding as to the role and behavior of mayor.

As reported by the Journal Scene, the newly elected mayor twice interfered with the same police officer who was attempting to handle a call for help involving theft. Not the mayor’s job.

Then, speaking at a meeting of the Summerville Preservation Society, the mayor was asked about his vision for Summerville; he paused then said, “Well, here’s something you’ll like.” He then went on to say how pleased he was that a woman had called him to complain about a garbage truck running over a corner of her lawn. This is a vision?

And, During the next couple of years more of the same has occurred.

There was the embarrassing moment and lack of manners during a Chamber sponsored event for Berkeley and Dorchester counties that the mayor failed to acknowledge and then diminished the Berkley County official’s remarks by saying, “well we have slides,” then couldn’t get the projector to work.

And, sarcastic remarks to attendees of the Mayor Chats has thinned that crowd down to one or two.

And, during a Fourth of July event sponsored by DREAM and the town, a group of Wiley supporters stationed themselves just outside the event’s entrances, soliciting votes for a proposed referendum. A person complained and the group was asked to stop. They refused at first, but then folded up tents and tables. The mayor, rather than offer an apology tried to track down the person who complained.

And this same “visionary” mayor who now applauds the project, initially encouraged garden club members to protest the necessary tree removals in Hutchinson Square.

And lack of support and encouragement for town employees was evident when, once again reported by the Journal Scene, the mayor’s reply to the new hires of town administrator and police chief, “not my first choice.”

And most recently, plotting out a source of embarrassment in order to get a building for “free.”

In his most recent article, and the use of the pronoun “we” is very misleading.

Due to the cause of dissent and discord at most every turn, another four years would be a very poor choice of an informed citizenry. Think before you vote. Get the real facts.

Spit is spit, the emperor is buck naked and snap.

Diane Frankenberger owns People, Places and Quilts on Richardson Avenue in downtown Summerville.