In 2001, Americans watched with horror, fear and confusion as the Twin Towers crashed into smoking, smoldering mountains of rubble. Scared, I tuned in to talk radio and cable news to learn more. I remember our high school government teacher stressing citizenship and participation in local government. Back then, I felt blessed to have been born in America as I do today. But, on that fateful 9/11 day, I knew I had failed the adult version of her American citizenship test.

I’m a Charleston native. But moving from city-to-city via the U.S. Navy, I ignored local and state government—until landing in Summerville. The good news is: I’ve learned a lot! The bad news is: citizen apathy gives elected officials license to grab power. Lady Liberty needs constitutionally informed voters and dedicated, constitutionalist candidates at all levels to stop cronyism and power grabs.

When elected officials grab power, we citizens pay the bill. Example: Summerville Town Council, under Mayor Collins, un-constitutionally used the United Nations’ public-private-partnership concept to build a jointly-owned hotel resulting in an unresolved constitutional crisis that spawned a law suit. Dorchester County Council also triggered a law suit by un-constitutionally having citizens vote for parks and libraries on one referendum. The S.C. Constitution won at the S.C. Supreme Court: 5-0.

The private Federal Reserve prints unlimited dollars, causing inflation and national and international bank bail-outs. The U.S. Congress has deliberately piled up trillions in debt. A monetary crash, and overall restructuring, reportedly loom on America’s horizon.

Why, then, would Dorchester County Council ask citizens to vote to pay for a $30 million bond for libraries this November? Plus, Council wants citizens to vote to raise the property tax another $38 million for “Parks and Recreation” projects. The $38 million bond does not cover labor, upkeep, and managerial staff. The 2016 estimate for first-year-operating costs was: $1,382,891. Hello! We already have great parks nearby!

Paying local taxes is like catching the creeping crud during flu season via invisible germs. Invisible taxes include: restaurant bill tax, Cable franchise fees, property taxes, permits, etc. County Council wants citizens to pony up millions for parks and libraries, but they lack dollars for road-fixing! Voila! Council proposes a “Road User Fee” ($25 or $50) on each vehicle, with no sunset. County Council recently passed a 7.8-mil tax increase to provide schools with an additional $5.9 million. Council also transferred $1,000,000 to DD2 schools to spend as leaders desire. If Council cannot repair roads without a new tax, why push parks and libraries? The “Cloward and Piven” plan to destroy America with ever-increasing local and national debt is difficult to deny.

Did you know President George H.W. Bush and Henry Kissinger promoted a “New World Order” (NWO)? NWO big wigs envision a world governed by the United Nations, or other entity. America has many patriotic leaders, but NWO characters lurk everywhere. They see America as one cog in their globalist wheel. The UN’s Agenda 21/2030 requires public land grabs, increased indebtedness, and legislated county growth boundaries. Charleston County Council voted for a Charleston County “growth boundary.”

Elected state and local officials unknowingly, or knowingly, implement NWO dictates. The Aspen Institute and the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) train state lawmakers. Towns and counties implement the UN’s Agendas 21/2030 when following the American Planning Association’s “regionalism” dictates. Many people despise the sprouting up of huge numbers of high rises and increasing traffic congestion. We can curse the UN! But, our elected officials implement U.N. dictates. Therefore, local uniqueness is endangered. Whose responsibility is it to monitor elected officials? Citizens! Voters!

I’ve fiddled as America smoldered. I’ve enjoyed the quiet spells. Every now and then sparks fly! We sense danger! The 1960’s riots caused worry about our children’s futures as Americans. We feared enemy infiltration—the revolutionaries such as the Weather Underground. Today, we are losing our ability to govern ourselves one day and one new unconstitutional deal or law at a time.

The September 11th tragedy woke most of us up! The Constitution did not enter my mind on 9/11. I just needed to know who, what, and why? I innocently believed elected officials followed their oath to obey the U.S. Constitution. Now I know better. Perhaps you have a desire to mix with local patriots working behind the scenes to protect and defend America as founded. We need you to help defend The Miracle That Changed the World—The United States Constitution. (Author: Cleon Skousen)

Our 9/11 massacre is seared in our memories. But most don’t remember the anniversary of the signing of the United States Constitution on 9/17. These dates are only days apart. Let’s put down our fiddles and strive together for less government, more responsibility, and with God’s help, a better world!

Joan Holleman Brown, Charleston native and Summerville resident, co-chairs The Summervlle 9-12 Project, a public education group founded upon nine principles and 12 values of America’s founding.