To the Editor:

As a business owner, I know full well the impact lower rates will have on small business customers.

Lower rates mean more raises and health benefits for employees.

Lower rates mean we can invest in new equipment and technology to grow and expand our businesses.

These are all boons for the economy, no matter which way you look at them.

As for Santee Cooper, I have no doubt there are intelligent, well-meaning engineers and business people working at the utility. But the way the utility is currently structured, those employees have no way of advancing to true leadership positions, because Santee Cooper has always been run by political insiders.

The company operates with little transparency or oversight. Selling will allow many people, including more African Americans, to finally offer their skills in a way that will improve the utility.

What I hear continually from friends in the small business community is that the Santee Cooper status quo cannot continue. The utility must change, because it’s already falling apart.

Craig Ascue


Craig Ascue is a small business owner from Charleston and former Charleston County School Board member.