To the Editor

Not everyone in Dorchester County can afford a bookshelf of the latest best selling novels and classic fiction. Not everyone in Dorchester County can afford multiple encyclopedias to study the fall of the Roman Empire, the American Revolution, or the North Africa campaign during World War II.

Everyone can afford this, plus offer meeting rooms for clubs, computers for additional research and story hours for children of all ages?

Just vote YES on the November ballot referendum. Vote YES to pay a small increase in taxes to provide all these amenities and more for residents of Dorchester County.

Before 1970, Summerville residents had only a private library. Then through gentle persuasion of County Council and the hard work of the Friends of the Summerville Library, a simple library was begun in the County Services Building.

Then 40 years ago, the library on Trolley Road was dedicated and opened to the public.

Today, that facility is overcrowded and outdated.

So vote YES for Libraries to enable local residents to have books to read and computers to use for research and to enable more children to attend story hour.

George H. Seago