Lexi Corliss

Lexi Corliss

Cane Bay High School junior cheerleader Lexi Corliss is a high flyer.

In her role as a point flyer, Corliss has been an integral part of Cane Bay’s successful competitive cheer team since her eighth-grade year. She was junior varsity in seventh grade.

“Lexi is a very talented young lady who works hard for what she wants,” Cane Bay High School competitive cheerleading coach Jennifer Bellomy said. “Coaching Lexi the last five years has been an honor and a privilege. The past five years have been filled with tons of laughs provided by Lexi.”

She may not pursue her fifth varsity letter at Cane Bay but is still aiming for the sky.

In her senior year, Corliss will concentrate on all-star competitive cheer and her grades with the goal of being accepted to the University of South Carolina and earning a spot on one of the South Carolina Cheer Teams to cheer for the Gamecocks. Corliss has been on the all-star circuit since she was 8.

The Lady Cobras have excelled in the world of competitive cheer recently. They’ve won four straight region championships and placed third in the state two years in a row.