One of the area’s most well attended summer events was hosted by Crowfield Golf and Country Club July 12-14.

Hundreds of swimmers, parents and fans came together at the Goose Creek City Pool for the Coastal Carolina Aquatic Association’s 2019 championship swim meet, also known as City Meet. All 20 teams that compete in the association’s summer swim program were represented during the championship meet. This is the 52nd year City Meet has marked the end of the association’s season.

“I swim year-round so this and state are the two meets I really look forward to, but more of my heart is into this one just because it is something I’ve done since I was young, ” Coosaw Creek swimmer Mckenzie Fennell said. “When you’re in this environment and around people that you want to be around it is just more fun. A good mix of swimmers with different levels of experience swim during the summer and I think (this league) provides good competition for everybody so it is something everybody gets really excited about. That is probably the best part about it.”

The 15-year-old was able to be poolside to cheer on her younger sister, Sydney, as she won the 9-10 Girls 50-yard Backstroke.

“I had a strong start and a really good turn,” the younger Fennell said of her 2019 City Meet first-place performance.

The Newington, Coosaw Creek and Legend Oaks swim teams all placed in the Top 10 in the final standings for this year’s City Meet. Snee Farm established new records for total team points and overall victory margin on its way to capturing the team’s sixth consecutive association championship, its 27th in the past thirty years. Newington placed fourth, a two-spot leap from 2018. Coosaw Creek placed eighth while Legend Oaks placed 10th, a fall from where they finished last summer.

Snee Farm tallied 3,231.5 points during the meet. Runner-up Daniel Island finished with 2,359 points while Hobcaw tallied 2,335.5 points and Newington tallied 2,244 points. Trailing in the 2019 team standings were Northbridge Terrace (2,042.5), Shadowmoss (1,984), James Island (1,897), Coosaw Creek (1,891.5), Parkshore (1,826.5), Legend Oaks (1,551), Sha-Mel-Lon (1,277), Longpoint (1,270.5), Country Club of Charleston (1,058.5), Crowfield (1,027), Dunes West (953.5), Ashborough (834.5), Summerville YMCA (735.5), BH (461), Pine Forest (367) and Fort Johnson (250).

Coosaw Creek had two swimmers who had more than one first-place finish. Madelyn Routhier tied with Newington’s Cassidy Lima for first place in the 13-14 Girls 50 Freestyle, won the 13-14 Girls 50 Butterfly and placed second in the 13-14 Girls 100 IM. Zack Brown won the 15-18 Boys 50 Breaststroke, swam a leg for Coosaw’s first-place 200 Freestyle Relay Team and placed third in the 15-18 Boys 100 IM.

Event winners for the 2019 City Meet are listed below. Visit the association’s website ( for a link to complete results from the meet.

2019 CCAA Championship Meet Winners

MR indicates a new meet record for a 25-yard pool.

7-8 Girls:

Lilah May (Daniel Island) freestyle

Ellis Wilson (Coosaw Creek) butterfly

Alex Arrants (Longpoint) backstroke

Lexie Sparks (Newington) breaststroke

Daniel Island (Willa LeVeen, Sarah Ligon, Charlotte Good, Lilah May) freestyle relay

Overall age group champions: Shadowmoss

7-8 Boys:

Brady Whetzel (Shadowmoss) freestyle

Chandler Shaw (Hobcaw) butterfly

Brady Whetzel (Shadowmoss) backstroke

Grady Mettler (Hobcaw) breaststroke

Northbridge Terrace (Taver Harman, Logan Patterson, Thad Loichinger, Ben Burnette) freestyle relay

Overall age group champions: Hobcaw

9-10 Girls:

Marlie Crosby (Newington) freestyle

Judith Suttle (Shadowmoss) butterfly (MR) and individual medley

Sydney Fennell (Coosaw Creek) backstroke

Perrin Parker (Northbridge Terrace) breaststroke

Shadowmoss (Cora Flanigan, Haley Almstedt, Harper Hanna, Judith Suttle) freestyle relay

Overall age group champions: Shadowmoss

9-10 Boys:

Jackson Muller (Daniel Island) freestyle

Sean Groeber (Northbridge Terrace) butterfly

Connor Good (Daniel Island) backstroke

Garrett Blankenship (Snee Farm) breaststroke and individual medley

Snee Farm (Brady Evans, Andrew Curl, Ty Johnson, Garrett Blankenship (freestyle relay) (MR)

11-12 Girls:

Lilly Burnette (Northbridge Terrace) freestyle

Adair Shaw (Hobcaw) butterfly and individual medley

Cecilia Ford (Country Club) backstroke

Merritt Zieminick (Daniel Island) breaststroke

Lauren Hance, Bells Martin, June Williams, and Kate Allison (Snee Farm) free relay

Overall age group champions: Shadowmoss

11-12 Boys:

Wells Cloud (James Island) freestyle (MR), backstroke, and individual medley (MR)

Sullivan Frece (Snee Farm) butterfly

Mason Scott (Sha-Mel-Lon) breaststroke

Parker Hamilton, Luke Thomas, Caleb Becvinovski, Wells Cloud (James Island) freestyle relay (MR)

Overall age group champions: Snee Farm

13-14 Girls:

Cassidy Lima (Newington) and Madelyn Routhier (Coosaw Creek) freestyle – tie for first place

Madelyn Routhier (Coosaw Creek) butterfly

Ann Thompson (Snee Farm) backstroke

Lindsay Burbage (Sha-Mel-Lon) breaststroke

Avery Frece (Snee Farm) individual medley

Ann Thompson, Addie Chretien, Rachel Martin, Avery Frece (Snee Farm) freestyle relay

Overall age group champions: Snee Farm

13-14 Boys:

Kyle Hertwig (Snee Farm) freestyle (MR), butterfly (MR), and individual medley

Luke Brusseau (Coosaw Creek) backstroke

Rhett Andrews (Country Club) breaststroke

Legare Mansfield, Jackson Allison, Jackson Blankenship, Kyle Hertwig (Snee Farm) freestyle relay

Overall age group champions: Snee Farm

15-18 Girls:

Ellis Pitts (Longpoint) freestyle, butterfly, and individual medley

Eliza Smith (Northbridge Terrace) backstroke

Gil Shaw (Hobcaw) breaststroke

Hannah Lawler, Sophie Frece, H.K. Orr, Sophia Vanderpool (Snee Farm) freestyle relay

Overall age group champions: Snee Farm

15-18 Boys:

Daniel Grimes (Ashborough) freestyle

Charles Blanc (Snee Farm) butterfly and individual medley

Ethan Williams (Legend Oaks) backstroke

Zach Brown (Coosaw Creek) breaststroke

Dylan Routhier, Zach Brown, Connor Westbrooke, Mason DuPree (Coosaw Creek) freestyle relay

Overall age group champions: Coosaw Creek

Mixed Medley Relays

7-8: Henry Walton, Finley Bennett, Hadley Evans, James Williams (Snee Farm)

9-10: Gardner Robbins, Perrin Parker, Sean Groeber, Jake Calvert (Northbridge Terrace)

11-12: Jameson Golden, Kennedy Anne Deveaux, Adair Shaw, Colby Schleier (Hobcaw)

13-14: Ann Thompson, Avery Frece, Legare Mansfield, and Kyle Hertwig (Snee Farm) (MR)

15-18: Sophie Frece, Noah Davey, Charles Blanc, Sophia Vanderpool (Snee Farm)

Overall girls team champion: Snee Farm

Overall boys team champion: Snee Farm