Whether you’re looking to downsize, upsize, buy, sell, rent or find land to build on, Sweet Carolina Realty has you covered. Broker-in-Charge Darren Sweet opened Sweet Carolina’s office on Trolley Road in January 2017. Loving every day of his professional life, even with longer hours, fewer vacations, great satisfaction is derived from applying my expertise to assisting the public.

The company is a full-service firm, offering professional expertise to buyers, sellers and owners seeking to rent their houses or commercial properties.

“The market is strong and projected to stay healthy for the foreseeable future. There are so many new jobs coming in, plus this is just a great place to live,” Sweet said. “We approach our clients as partners, so they receive the benefit of our experience and our vast network of specialists.

“By utilizing the partnership, we are invested in the best outcome. For sellers we develop marketing plans for their property, based on whatever is driving their need to sell,” he said.

Understanding the features of a property, the buyer pool, working hard to maximize marketing, Sweet Carolina delivers.

“Getting bees to the honey pot” — It’s as simple as that, he said. “There is no magic formula, a jointly developed simple and effective marketing strategy that ensures the maximum response. The importance of marketing can’t be stressed enough. What we must ensure is that we find the best buyer producing the best deal.”

Speaking of selling, it’s a great time to do that in today’s local market. With the current high growth pattern, with all the great companies relocating to the area, bringing jobs, and therefore buyers, the selling opportunity is here now.

If you are considering selling your property, you should not hesitate to contact Sweet Carolina Realty. You can’t beat the one on one support, when listing your property for sale, as you get when you partner with Sweet Carolina Realty.

It’s a great time to sell or buy. With interest rates still remaining low, but anticipated to rise, the buying opportunity is here now. The fast-paced growth in the Charleston area shows no signs of slowing down, so locking in on a home now can help prevent sticker shock later.

When you are looking for a buyer’s agent, Sweet Carolina Realty agents, are specialists in community and neighborhood knowledge, to assist in finding the neighborhood to match your lifestyle. When purchasing a property, it is more than a place to live, it is your home. Finding your perfect home is a very personalized decision.

“When contacted by buyers, we know where the growth patterns are and what’s driving the growth patterns, we can zero in on neighborhoods that best fit their interests.

“Everything starts online now, so clients often have a good idea of what they want, and where they want to be” Sweet said.

“We see the full spectrum of buyers,” he added. “If we can’t find a residence that fits, that may mean we need to find a rental property—and we can do that, too.”

Whether your American dream is a maintenance-free condo or a single family home, “real estate is still one of the soundest investment products out there,” Sweet said. “Our agents can match the lifestyle to the property, and assist you with acquiring your dream home.”

From first contact to shaking hands at the closing table, Sweet Carolina agents are focused on finding out what clients need and matching the client to the wonderful Charleston Tri-County communities.

Aside from his years of experience in all phases of real estate, Darren Sweet retired from the Navy—he’s been “in and around” Charleston for 30 years--and is also a licensed civil engineer with experience in design. He’s especially skilled at identifying community growth patterns.

“Listing is one of the strong areas for me personally, understanding what drives the market and knowing how to value, price, and market properties.”

“Some time ago I realized [the growth] that was going to happen in Charleston, and now we’re seeing that,” he said.

Sweet, who oversees many agents, also has relationships with closing attorneys, inspectors, contractors and other real estate service professionals he can call on as needed. Whether the need is for, plumbers, roofers, drywall, painters, landscapers, or surveyors, planners, architects and engineers, his relationships extend to include all facets of the real estate service industry.

“Trust is crucial in any partnership,” he said. “What I love most about my job is partnering with clients and our agents to help them in whatever they need. Together we are all making the Charleston area a great place to live.

Coming up with the catchy name, Sweet Carolina Realty, was a no-brainer.

“A native and I love South Carolina, and with my name being Darren Sweet--what else could it be?” he quipped.

Let me tell you this one story before I go, and why I love this profession as every day is something new. I like to call it my Marmaduke moment. As we entered we could see Fluffy and Fido happy in their domain. At the same moment, a squirrel had come up to the sliding glass door. Fido rushes to the sliding door, to rid his yard of the intruder. Fluffy, with Fido wreaking havoc on the door, sprinted across the room to hide. Running down the hall, slipping and sliding the whole way, almost falling as she rounded the corner to the bedroom. Meanwhile, Fido, felt it was play time with Fluffy and went ripping down the hall after her, his legs flailing on the hardwoods, until he tried to turn the corner, his hind end, passing his head, slipping and sliding, he notices us. Anxious to meet us, he gains his balance and rushes towards us. He comes barreling towards us still flailing on the hardwoods, sliding by us stopping just short of the 20 gallon fish tank. All I could imagine as he was heading toward the fish tank was having to rescue fish and figure out how to clean up 20 gallons of water. All ended well as he was able to stop. Truly felt like we were in a cartoon. Ever since then, I always advise clients to take Fido for a walk or ride when showings are happening. I often think about this moment and vision fish and 20 gallons of water hitting the floor. Of course, Fido calmed down after that, and followed us through his house, tail wagging, happy to have company. My clients, after chuckling a bit, said this must be home, and moved in two months later. For more info, please visit www.sweetcarolinarealty.com

Sweet Carolina Realty, When Results Matter, Partner with Us, Together We are Amazing.